Faculty & Staff

The Counseling and Mental Health Center offer a variety of services for TCU faculty and staff including consultations and training. We do not provide treatment services for benefits-eligible TCU employees (even if you are also a student). Information regarding the TCU Employee Assistance Program


TCU faculty and staff can call the Center during regular business hours and speak with a counselor to discuss any concerns about a student. The counselor can provide advice on how to approach a student in need, discuss any appropriate plans of action, and give information about possible referrals.

You can also call Campus Life at 817-257-7926 and speak with a Dean of Students. They can assist students in getting the support that they need either through the Counseling and Mental Health Center, or other support services on campus.

Due to laws protecting privacy, the counselor cannot disclose whether or not a student is a client without a signed release of information.  In addition, the Center does not have the authority to mandate students to seek services, or solicit individuals to seek counseling.

If you are interested in speaking with a counselor for a consultation, please call 817-257-7863.  If there is an emergency after hours call Campus Police at 817-257-7777 or dial 911.

Faculty & Staff Training

The Counseling and Mental Health Center has partnered with the Office of Campus Life to create a Faculty and Staff Training Book titled “Recognizing and Helping Students in Distress.” This training is designed to teach ways to recognize student distress, provide information about policies and resources for assisting students and to discuss effective skills for approaching a student in need.  To schedule training for your department, please contact Dr. Linda Wolszon at 817-257-7863 or at l.wolszon@tcu.edu.

Online Guide: Recognizing and Helping Students in Distress: Faculty/Staff Edition

Don’t Cancel That Class Program

TCU Faculty Member: Called away on business? Attending a conference? Family obligations?

There is no need to cancel your class. The Counseling and Mental Health Center can cover your class by offering our suicide prevention and awareness training called QPR (Question, Persuade, and Refer). Even if you do not need to cancel a class, you are always welcome to request our QPR training. The training typically lasts 90 minutes, but can easily be condensed down to a shorter version to fit your classroom needs.

Question, Persuade, Refer – Suicide Prevention Training Request