Individual counseling services are goal-oriented and typically last 45-50 minutes. We do not use formal session limits, but rather emphasize measurable treatment goals, which indicate how long the course of counseling should be.  Students interested in “open-ended counseling,” or think they need to be in counseling for a long period of time, can ask us about seeking treatment from a community provider.  Some of the more common reasons that students request individual counseling at our center include stress and anxiety, academic pressures, relationships and family concerns, depression, test anxiety, disordered eating, grief, and self-esteem issues.

Group counseling offers a greater focus on specific issues as well as shared therapeutic experiences with other students. The number and content of our therapy groups vary each semester, so please check this page at the start of each Fall and Spring semesters for updates. 

For Substance Use & Recovery services, TCU Alcohol & Drug Education promotes responsible decision making and healthy lifestyle choices for TCU students, particularly regarding alcohol, drugs, and related issues. Visit for more information on substance use and recovery services.