The following is a list of specialized services that are offered through collaborations with local treatment centers and providers. Other than the Equine Assisted therapy program, all of these programs are offered on the TCU campus. Each of these services are operated by staff of the local center/providers, and TCU is just the host site. Cost of these services are beyond the benefits of tuition, but many of these services include stipends from gracious donors and organizations that help cover the costs (some of these programs as fully covered at no additional costs to students). In addition, many of the providers accept insurance. Thus, please make sure that you discuss the stipends/insurance coverage/cost with each provider. Due to having donor-support, each program has a limited number of slots and availability will vary. 


Equine Assisted Therapy Groups

“At Freedom Reigns Counseling we are passionate about people being healed and set free to live life abundantly.  We take an alternative approach to traditional counseling by partnering clients with  horses during sessions. We desire to walk with clients to empower growth, healing and restoration personally and relationally.”

The Counseling and Mental Health Center is proud to collaborate with Freedom Reigns Counseling to provide equine assisted therapy for TCU students at no additional cost. Our equine program consists of therapy groups and educational workshops. For more information contact Dr. Wood at . To learn more about Freedom Reigns counseling, please visit Freedom Reigns Equine Assisted Counseling.

To sign up for Equine Therapy please use this form.

Eating Disorder IOP


“Eating Recovery Center has partnered with Texas Christian University to bring our nationally recognized eating disorder treatment program to students on your campus. Our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) can provide you with the help you need to find your way to wellness, while still engaging in academics, campus activities and social life. The program includes clinical experts from Eating Recovery Center — including a therapist and dietitian — who provide weekly individualized care to students, in addition to three group therapy sessions per week with peers facing similar stressors, goals and values.”

If you are interested in attending this program, please contact

For more information, please visit


Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

“Restoration is a counseling practice in Fort Worth bringing DBT to TCU. DBT is a treatment that has been deemed the gold standard psychological treatment for a wide range of emotional dysfunction such as substance dependence, depression, post-traumatic stress, and eating disorders. “Dialectical” Behavior Therapy means the synthesis or integration of opposites. Developed in 1980, the treatment approach intentionally exposes participants to “acceptance-oriented” and “change-oriented” skills. This is to help them confront the fear and change the emotional response patterns that trigger harmful behavior. Ultimately, Restoration exists to see lives restored and DBT is a powerful therapy to begin that process.”

The Counseling and Mental Health Center is proud to collaborate with Restoration to provide Dialectical Behavioral Therapy for TCU students. Our DBT program consists of weekly groups and individuals sessions. For more information contact Dr. Wood at . To learn more about Restoration, please visit Home – Restoration Counseling (


Drug & Alcohol Rehab and Treatment

“Arise Recovery Centers On Campus was created to provide students struggling with substance abuse with affordable, individualized, evidence-based and effective treatment conveniently located on the campus of Texas Christian University. We work with each student to heal their mind, body, and spirit, as they develop new life skills that result in long-term recovery. We have created an individualized curriculum specific to college students that integrates DBT, CBT, Experiential, 12 steps, relapse prevention, and life skills.”

If you are interested in attending this program, please contact Patricia Thomas Miller at

For more information, please visit or


Behavioral Health IOP

The Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) treats mental health concerns when symptoms require greater therapeutic support than can be achieved in the individual outpatient counseling setting. Providing evidenced-based, transformational care for a broad range of mental health concerns available to students conveniently located on the TCU campus.