To ensure access to our services, a team of therapists is available for first-time students, or students who haven’t been seen in a while, to complete an intake/triage appointment. The first appointments are 30-minute sessions. In order to avoid over-crowding our waiting room, we are scheduling triage appointments until future notice. Students can schedule a triage appointment from  10:00am – 11:30am and 1:00m – 3:30pm Monday through Friday. Students can call the main office at 817-257-7863 to schedule a intake/triage appointment.

After the first appointment, students will most likely be assigned to one of our general staff therapists for ongoing counseling. If assigned, the student will schedule an appointment with this staff therapist during the first appointment.

On some occasion, there is not a match between the student’s concern and the services that Counseling & Mental Health Center provides. For example, some students request a specialist or want multi-year/open ended counseling. When there’s not a match, a referral to a community provider is often the course of action. However, the Center will not merely provide you with a referral list of names and phone numbers. Students have the option of meeting with Center’s staff until the connection with a community provider has been established.

Some students wish to speak with a counselor without completing any paperwork, and/or talk with a counselor on a one-time occasion. There are two options for these situations:

  • 24/7 phone counseling helpline for TCU students – 817-257-7233
  • Let’s Talk program that allows students to speak anonymously with a staff member at various campus locations.  Students are welcome to use this service for non-crisis situations.