Promoting psychological health, well being, and resources for TCU students to cope with personal and academic challenges


Understanding the pain that is felt in losing a friend and colleague, our campus resources stand ready to assist those who are in need.  Brown-Lupton Counseling Center staff (817-257-7863), Religious and Spiritual Life staff (817-257-7830) and the Office of Campus Life (817-257-7926) are available for walk-ins or by appointment.  For those who are away from campus at this time, the following link may be of some support as you grieve the loss of a friend,



The TCU Counseling and Mental Health Center has a 24/7 counseling line that offers telephone counseling to all TCU students anytime, day or night, and even during semester breaks. If you feel the need to talk with a counselor, please call 817-257-7233.