At TCU’s Counseling & Mental Health Center we are committed to serving all students and the TCU community, and we strive to celebrate individual differences and create a safe space for all.

Consistent with TCU Core Values, which include personal freedom and integrity, the dignity and respect of the individual, and a heritage of inclusiveness, our staff are dedicated to respecting, honoring, affirming and celebrating all people. We strive to address aspects of diversity that make us unique, including (but not limited to) ethnic/racial identity, nationality, sexual and LGBTQIA+ identity, gender identity and expression, age, religious/spiritual beliefs, socioeconomic status, body shape/size, physical ability status and varying points of view.

The professional ethics and standards of the various mental health disciplines represented at the Counseling & Mental Health Center place an emphasis on the dignity and worth of all individuals, and all CMHC staff are dedicated to upholding these values.