The Counseling & Mental Health Center provides psychological treatment and recovery services for TCU students with mental health or psychological concerns. The goal of the Center is to provide support and assistance to TCU students, in order to facilitate a successful university experience. Center staff consists of licensed providers who are experts in the field of college mental health, and work closely with providers in the Fort Worth community.

Important Information Regarding Services

You must be a currently enrolled, degree seeking, TCU student to receives services at the Counseling & Mental Health Center, including couples and family counseling. For couples and family counseling, all members must be currently enrolled, degree seeking, TCU students. Students who are full-time employees of the University, and receiving TCU health care benefits, will be directed to the Employee Assistant Program.

  • You will be asked to provide a copy of you Student ID prior to your first appointment.
  • All appointments are confidential to the extent of the law, and counseling records are separate from your educational records.
  • We do not provide psychological assessments for the purpose of academic accommodations, emotional support animals, or housing accommodations.
  • We do not provide court-mandated assessments or treatment requirements.

First Appointments

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Crisis Care

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Individual & Group Counseling

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Psychiatric evaluations and consultations are generally reserved for students using our counseling services. Students seeking medication refills but are not interested in counseling will be likely be referred to providers in the community.

Our psychiatric providers do not provide services for students who are only seeking ADHD medication. However, the TCU pharmacy is certified to fill prescriptions for ADHD medication prescribed by out-of-state providers. Please contact the pharmacy in the Health Center for more information.  You can also contact our front office at 817-257-7863 for a list of psychiatric providers in the Fort Worth Community.

Our psychiatric providers do not have the ability to provide emergency prescriptions. As such, it’s very important that students attend scheduled appointments to avoid a delay in refilling prescriptions. We also ask that students call at least 24 hours in advance if you need to reschedule your appointment. Cancellations made the same day will be counted as a “no-show,” and students who “no-show” two appointments in a semester might be referred to a community provider. Those who show a pattern of rescheduling appointments may also be referred to a community provider.

The TCU Counseling and Mental Health Center has a 24/7 counseling helpline that offers telephone counseling to all TCU students anytime, day or night, and even during semester breaks. Students can call the helpline at any time (even when Center is open) to speak with a trained counselor who is familiar with the resources at TCU . If you feel the need to talk with a counselor, please call 817-257-7233.

Important Information about our 24/7 phone counseling helpline:

  • Unless required by law, and/or the event of safety concerns, only the Counseling & Mental Health Center will know that you called the helpline.
  •  In order to maintain a sense of privacy, most students will not receive a return call after contacting the helpline. There are some occasions in which a staff therapist at at the Center will follow-up with the caller (i.e. safety concerns).
  • The phone counselor can notify campus personnel in the event of an emergency but calling Campus Police at 817-257-7777 will generate a faster response.
  • The phone counselor is not a staff therapist at the Counseling & Mental Health Center and the helpline should not to be used for center business, such as rescheduling appointments. Please call our main office at 817-257-7863 for such matters.
  • Panic attacks and relationship concerns are the top reasons why students call the helpline. However, students can call for whatever reason to speak with a phone counselor.

Need to Talk TCU 24hr Counseling hotline Call 817-257-7233

Clinical self-management is a vital part of treatment at the Counseling & Mental Health Center. We define this type of self-management as action steps that clients take to work toward meeting their health-related treatment goals. Such action steps are completed outside of sessions and are different from the clinical interventions provided by therapists. During the early stages of therapy, counselors help develop a personalized self-management plan with students, and use this plan to track progress, identify barriers to progress, and as a guide for maintenance after counseling is completed.

Not sure if you should see a counselor or if a friend should? Take a brief screening to help determine if you are someone you care about should connect with a mental health professional. The screening is completely anonymous and confidential and immediately following the questionnaire you will see results, recommendations and resources.



The goal of the Peer Support Communities is to expand social support and increase connections with like-minded students. These support groups are led by TCU students who work closely with staff members. Visit the Peer Support page below for a full list of the current support communities including details on meeting times and how to get involved.

Peer Support Communities


Our Mission is to provide TCU student-athletes with goal-oriented counseling services to enhance their mental health and well-being, along with mental training services to sharpen mental performance in their sport. Sessions are confidential and typically last 45 minutes.

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FrogConnect is a new student-led community that uses GroupMe to foster connections between TCU students based on shared interests

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Peer Support

TCU has a variety of peer support programs that allow TCU students to reach out to one another for support and connection. Find one that works for you.

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